Like e-mail filters, for your files in the cloud.

SortMyBox is a magic folder that moves files to folders based on your rules.

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Your credentials are encrypted and we never store your files.

SortMyBox is free & easy to use!

What is SortMyBox?

SortMyBox is a magic folder inside your cloud storage folder. Save new files there and we will move them based on rules you create. Like e-mail filters, for your files in the Cloud.

How does it work?

We check the contents of your SortMyBox folder every 15 minutes. If there are any files that match any of your rules, we will move them to their correct location. We also log all file moves so you never lose a file.

Is it for me?

Yes! Whether you're keeping your photos and videos organized or sharing documents with other people, SortMyBox will keep your files organized.

“A solid option for automating Dropbox folder organization”

“A very handy tool to keep your Dropbox organized.”

Charlene Jimenez

“@sortmybox streamlines your Dropbox chaos.”

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